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Camp pillow

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For me a pillow can make a big difference between a good night's rest and a night of tossing and turning. I had this pillow for quite a few years before, but didn't use it so often. After just a few weeks of regular use, the filling in side got a little jumbled up and uncomfortable. Also, when travelling through wet climates, or slobbering the night away on the thing, the pillow took a really ...

MSR Dragonfly Backpacking Stove

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I was a long time MSR Wisperlight International user before I bought this stove. The old rig was a little gummed up and worn, so opting for a fresh start, I sprang for this baby. The features that attracted me were largely the simmer valve and the wider range of fuels, although it's rumored that even though the International doesn't mention some of the same fuels, I've been told it burns them. ...

DeFeet Air-E-Ator Performance Shorty D-Sock

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I have two pairs of these socks, one blue one black. I like the fact that they are short so I don't look like some 80's child riding through the pueblas with my shorts on. They are the Air-e-ator's so they are supposed to keep dry, and they do. I can't say they are better than any other socks, because before this trip I always went without any (yeah, yeah, whatever). Here's some other good thi ...