Camp pillow


Dave's Rating:
I would not recommend buying this product
Dave's Review:
For me a pillow can make a big difference between a good night's rest and a night of tossing and turning. I had this pillow for quite a few years before, but didn't use it so often.

After just a few weeks of regular use, the filling in side got a little jumbled up and uncomfortable. Also, when travelling through wet climates, or slobbering the night away on the thing, the pillow took a really long time to dry. I often put my jacket over it to keep from feeling cold from the dampness it contained.

I left with too much stuff, and it really didn't pack down enough for me.

After a couple months, I sent it home, not enough space, not enough utility. I now prop my camp mat up with my shoes under one end to create an incline and use my jacket on the topside as my pillow. I have to say, I sleep better. I don't miss this pillow.
Packs smaller, expands bigger! This compressible pillow is the ideal size for comfort camping, road trips and air travel.

* Packs to one fifth its normal 16 x 12 inch size; expands to full size instantly
* Earth-smart filling is comprised of leftover bits and pieces of the high-quality foam used to construct Therm-a-Rest´┐Ż sleeping pads
* Machine washable

Backpacker Magazine says, "There's no excuse for sacrificing comfort when car camping, not when it's so easy to shove a couple of these fluffy pillows in the trunk." (March 2006 Gear Guide issue)
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