DeFeet Air-E-Ator Performance Shorty D-Sock


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Dave's Review:
I have two pairs of these socks, one blue one black. I like the fact that they are short so I don't look like some 80's child riding through the pueblas with my shorts on. They are the Air-e-ator's so they are supposed to keep dry, and they do. I can't say they are better than any other socks, because before this trip I always went without any (yeah, yeah, whatever). Here's some other good things about them:

The don't bunch unless damaged (see below)
They don't build up stank like my polypro johns
They can go a long long time without a wash and survive
They have yet to rip, tear, or rub a hole in them

I probably have around 2,000 riding hours between these two pairs and they have survived long beyond my expectations.

The one complaint I have is the blue model is blown out at the cuff. Basically the elastic has lost it's will to cling. I didn't treat the blue ones any different than the black, but somehow they gave up the ghost while the others look almost new! It came on suddenly, and I expect it may have something to do with the soap used in a laundromat or perhaps the dryer temp. I'm going to email DeFeet and ask them about it to see if I can find out what happened. I can't help but feel this failure is an exception of some kind and thus, 4 stars rather than less.
The legendary Air-E-Ator combines the wicking capabilities of CoolMax with the abrasion resistance of nylon to keep your feet cool and comfortable on any ride.

  • CoolMax wicks away sweat

  • Lycra/nylon blend enhances grip for increased stability

  • Non-slip cuff