Langenscheidt Pocket Spanish Dictionary


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Dave's Review:
I had been riding with a Spanish language book and a much larger dictionary. I eventually ran across this dictionary and found it smaller, lighter, and still had more of the words I was looking for than my previous dictionary. Another notable feature is the category tags. Definitions are tagged with keys which indicate the type of definition, botanical, medical, etc.

The cover and binding are made of vinyl (or similar). I appreciate this durability as my normal books tend to wear holes from equipment rubbing against them. I put this book in the same bag everyday, right next to my cook set complete with heat exchanger, lots of sharp edges. It still looks great.
Pocket Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary (2 Color) is a convenient reference for writers, students, and business people--anyone who needs the right word at the right time. Poetry, prose, and a nine-letter pizza toping . . . When you're looking for a word, pull it out of one of our Pockets.